Turtle Creek Sewing Circle

I always look forward to talking to community members regarding donations to Special Collections.  So many different facets of community life exist here, and it gives me an opportunity to get to know more people.

In 2011 a member of the Turtle Creek Sewing Circle contacted the library regarding a record donation with a very specific purpose – protecting their records.  This was not my typical conversation for a donation, centering around the desire to protect records from a devastating loss rather than clearing out a closet.  Typical – no.  Forward-thinking – yes.

Last year was a devastating wildfire year in Texas, and the Hill Country suffered a prolonged dry spell, making our area an easy target for the fires.  The Sewing Circle wanted to protect its records and artifacts which dated back to 1926 without loosing access to the items.  We successfully worked together to find the best balance of access and preservation for the group.  In May 2012 the Turtle Creek Sewing Circle donated its meeting minutes and records for 1926-1951.  This allowed the group to preserve the oldest records while maintaining access to the most recent records and all of the artifacts, which are regularly viewed during organizational meetings.  A finding aid is available now on the Special Collections website.

I commend these ladies for taking such a difficult but worthy step towards the preservation of these historical records.  Well done!


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