I’ve been cited!

Navigating between library work and archives management is really not an easy task.  As information professionals one would assume that transitioning between the two roles would be easy.  While librarians and archivists have the same desires, to assist others in finding and accessing information, that’s almost where it stops.  In library school certain principles are drilled into you from day one, and it is hard to silence those voices when venturing into the archives.  After working in the dual roles for 6 years, I presented a paper at the Society of American Archivist conference in 2009 titled “Split Personalities:  A librarian in the archives.”  The presentation was subsequently uploaded onto a roundtable website, where it was eventually spidered by Google.  Much to my surprise, a researcher found it and cited me in a book called “Hawking Incorporated.”  Quite a decent book, btw.


One response to “I’ve been cited!

  1. Kathleen Crouch

    I think you perform quite well at those dual roles. And all the other hats you wear? Pretty amazing, as well. Nice job!!

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