Schreiner College faculty, 1984

Back row: Pete Hallman, Harry Heiser, Kelly Hildebrand, Anne Harwood, M.L. Tinsley.  Middle row:  Susan Sliva, Darlene Bannister, Adele Junkin, ???, ???, Mary Ann Parker. Front row: Sam Lanham, Bob Henry, Claudia Sullivan, Rudolph Brewster, Boardman Chambers.

Do you know any of the faces?  What about the location?  I would love to hear from anyone that has more context for this picture!

Update:  Darlene Bannister just stopped by my office and gave me most of the names for the picture.  Originally I had only four names. 

I still need a couple of names, the location, and perhaps the purpose behind the meeting.  And where is Fred Stevens, hmm?


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